Hello and welcome to my site! I'm a Slovenian born Producer/Production-assistant based in Slovenia, with a variety of experience in the creation of both short films, project co-ordination, production design, and an assortment of different craftsmanship techniques.

I love everything film, television, and commercial, particularly drama, genre film and music videos. I like to get involved at any stage of a production - be it pre-production and pre-shoot planning, into on-shoot assisting and post-shoot co-ordination. My knowledge and experience with the short films I've worked on so far has given me a strong understanding of film workflows and efficient production management, a quality which benefits projects I am involved in.

Being born in Slovenia, I have a great love and interest in natural landscapes and natural resources. I have built upon this with my design company and side-project, Slovenian Rustic Design. I put my craft skills to use creating bespoke handmade products of Slovenia. These skills often bring something new to productions. 

Contact me via the links listed on my contact page, be it for a job or a new project. 

Take a moment to a look around the site for some of my recent projects, endeavours, and photography work.